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Gouvernement de Catalogne


The Government of Catalonia (in Catalan: Govern de Catalunya) is the institution exercising executive and regulatory power in Catalonia. Headed by the President of the Generalitat and composed of councillors, its powers are governed by the Statute of Autonomy. It is located in the Generalitat's palace in Barcelona. The Government of Catalonia is responsible for : - drawing up and implementing the budget of the autonomous community; - approving bills and legislative decrees; - exercising regulatory power; - accepting or refusing the opening of the legislative procedure of certain legislative proposals; - to appoint and dismiss high-ranking civil servants; - to designate the representatives of the Generalitat in various institutions, organizations, companies, and part of the members of the Council of Statutory Guarantees; - to adopt regulatory measures for the execution of international treaties and conventions; - to approve the draft agreements of cooperation agreements with the other Spanish autonomous communities; - to carry out any appeals of unconstitutionality, and to go before the Constitutional Court in the event of appeals affecting Catalonia or conflicts of jurisdiction.

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